“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.

these are a few of my favourite things...

First up....my sewing space. I just LOVE looking at peoples sewing spaces and I know mine is boring but hey, it might inspire some suggestions for improvement! Its pretty boring at the moment, we are currently cleaning out & sprucing up the spare bedrooms and eventually id like to get a much bigger desk for sewing like my study desk but unfortunetely study comes first so study gets the bigger desk. But this desk is ok for now, even if it doesnt match with anything else (all my other furniture is dark-almost black wood). Starting from top right is my wooden treasure chest which originally was my wishing well at my wedding. This photo does it no justice-its such a beautiful box and this is my temporary fabric storage to keep dust off my fabrics. Going anti-clockwise, next is my small collection of sewing & knitting books. Next is a little wicker basket with all my thread thrown in plus a pair of knitting needles. Next is my sewing machine. One of the first projects id like to do is make a cute new cover for it instead of the boring white one you get with it. On the left side bottom shelf is a pink box filled with clothes that need repairing, my iron, and a box with yarn in it. Bottom right side shelf is all my favourite magazines (Frankie, Yen, Spook & Peppermint) and a scented candle to keep them from falling over. Middle right shelf is a wicker tray filled with small containers containing various buttons, and behind that tray is a big plastic tackle box with my scissors, bobbins, various sewing machine attatchments etc. Mainly its to hide my dressmakers scissors from my husband! Eventually id like a bigger desk with a matching bookcase to go beside it keep all my books, magazines and fabrics & knick-knacks on and I want to get a pinboard to go above the desk to pin up inspirational pictures etc.

I got 1 of 2 orders of fabrics delievered today yay! The piccie below is of some gorgous 50cm x 110cm fabrics with the most gorgous prints! This photo does the colours no justice, they are so bright & vibrant! My favourite out of this lot is the bottom left hand pink, white & olive print. Ive also ordered some solid colour fabrics, one of which is the same olive colour which im going to use as a peaking petticoat under the print to make a cute skirt.

The piccie below is of a bundle of fabrics 50cm x 110cm and they are 100% organic cottons and my god, they are so nice to touch! So soft! A huge difference to the 100% non-organic cottons above. I think I will be buying organic cottons from now on. I know they are more expensive but they are just to die for! Anyway, I bought this lot in a bundle and couldnt really get to see the exact prints for each one, the majority I love, there are a couple im abit puzzled about how to use because they are very childlike fabrics & all my nieces have been cut off from the family (long story!) so I might hang on to these until my friends baby is abit older (she was only born last week afterall). The green, white & blue spots fabric (second down on the right) is just so much more vivid then this picture and I bought a solid bright blue fabric to do the same peaking petticoat skirt idea with.

Ive seen a few other girls do this on their blogs, showing off some piccies of their week through their iPhone....so here's my week so far:

Mmm, vegetarian nachos!!

My husband asleep with Yoda (normally these 2 hate each other so I thought this was just too cute!)

Yoda stretching out in the sun

My husband after work ( he is a paramedic) and our gorgous Lucy relaxing on the bed

Me holding my friends beautiful baby girl Alexis who was born last Thursday. She slept like that for 3 hours while we gossiped..what a beautiful relaxed baby!

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