“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.

so tired

I hate night shift. I really do. Its not the actual working at night part-that doesnt bother me, its spending my 2 days off recovering from no sleep! I just worked four 12hr night shifts and have spent the last 2 days sleeping or on the couch doing nothing because im so exhausted. And the fun part is, I get to do it all again soon! I love my job so much but I do wonder if switching from intensive care nursing to a different type of nursing where there are minimal or no night shifts would be worth it. My friend who I went to university with and worked in intensive care with me for 3 months got a new monday-friday no night shift job teaching nursing students. And she gets paid as a level 6 (im a level 5 despite being out of university the same time as her!) so not doing shift work she would still make up the money from penalties. And I have way more experience then she does, she has only done surgical nursing for the last 3 1/2 years then 3 months ICU whereas ive done 1 1/2 years now of ICU and before that I worked everywhere- emergency, medical, surgical, paediatrics, maternity, cardiac, mental health. But I still dont feel im finished with ICU yet. Im going back to uni next year to do my masters and im thinking once I have my masters in ICU nursing I will pretty much be set for most jobs and can give up night duty! Hell, im only 24yrs old anyway, I suppose another 3-4 years of night duty wont kill me.
Despite being incredibly tired yesturday I did manage to make a skirt! I found a long pink & purple printed dress I was going to sell in a garage sale a few weeks ago because it doesnt fit me anymore (and I doubt it ever will) but then realised I could make a skirt out of it. It turned out ok, for my first go I was impressed. I just cut the top part off to the height I wanted it, sewed an elastic casing on the top, weaved some elastic through, sewed the ends together & voila! Didnt have to hem it or anything! It sits about mid-calf level and will be a perfect around the house skirt. Ill take a photo eventually.
Some of you might know I am trying to lose weight and im doing a little side blog of it. So if any of you are in the same boat or would just like to pay a little visit to see how im going, go visit me at www.thehealthysnoozingkitten.blogspot.com/ its still under construction, but then again, so is every other area of my life!
I so want to buy a house! Im tired of renting. Granted we get a great deal here, we only pay $300 a week for a 2 storey 4 bedroom house with double garage & a yard. We rent off my husbands mum & stepdad and there are no inspections and we can have pets. They could easily get $400 a week for this place so cheap rent is great. But still, I want a little place to call my own. Just has to have a big backyard for 2 dogs (we only have 1 dog but really want to get another german shepherd...a male this time..as a friend for Lucy. Already picked his name too- Leon) and a double garage. This house currently has 4 bedrooms but im sure we could get away with 3 (one for sleep, one for guest and one for my sewing room!) We thought about buying the house we are renting but I really dont like this neighbourhood. There are always people fighting and gangs of white trash on the roads & last year an old man got stabbed to death about 100 metres away from our house. I cant leave the house after dark on my own & even during the day I keep all the windows & doors locked. I caught a guy trying to get into my garage last year, he said he was looking for his dog. I told him it didnt walk through steel into my fucking garage and to get off my property! I feel safe when I go walking but im sure noone will try anything when I have a 35kg german shepherd dog next to me! My actual neighbours are ok, they keep to themselves and I live in a samoan community and they are very family & community oriented people who look out for each other. Its just the white trash which needs to be cleaned up. My husband & I have very different tastes in decorating/renovating aswell which sucks. He loves all the modern minimalistic shades of black & grey crap while I like french country- wooden floors with white walls and wooden or white furniture with colourful pieces & a garden full of flowers! Ah well. As long as I get to decorate the sewing room & eventually the nursery ill be happy. Well todays project is to attempt some new kitchen curtains with the fabrics mentioned in a previous post- white, charcoal & printed ties. Fingers crossed they turn out ok!

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