“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.


The newest addition to our clan! He is a purebred german shepherd and a whole 7 weeks old! He is just too cute and has a pretty big personality. We have already introduced him to our other dog Lucy (below) who is a 2 year old german shepherd. I hope they will be the best of friends! They got along pretty well today, Lucy was very gentle and Leon wasnt too scared around her.
As per usual the cats were real impressed..not! Poor Halo (the star of my blog banner), she was our first pet and we got her 4 years ago and since then we have gotten another cat & 2 dogs. She must think we dont love her! Leon will be staying indoors for a few weeks until he completes his vaccine program then will be living outside with Lucy. We have a 2 storey house & its good that the stairs are very hard for puppies to climb so the cats will probably hide upstairs until he goes outside.

Me & Lucy

End of 2010

Ive been so very slack with blogging as well as crafting lately and unfortunetely I can see that will probably continue for awhile as my life is changing. Its been a busy past few months and year and I think next year will be even busier. So since I have no crafting news to update and im enjoying a nice lazy rainy Sunday morning I thought I would reflect on the year and what the new year brings. I know this is probably boring to most, but I personally love hearing about what people have been up to and where they are headed.
This year has been overall a great year for me personally but has been quite horrible for alot of my loved ones. My dear cousin celebrated the birth of his beautiful daughter in February, however a few months later his wife has gone abit 'weird' and forced them into a seperation which will lead to a divorce among countless DVO orders and a custody battle for this baby. Its been a nightmare year for him and his family and I only hope things turn out for the better soon and he gets his daughter back from that horrible woman.
Another dear family friend who has been married for many years (I was a flowergirl at their wedding when I was 8, so thats 16 years ago!) have seperated aswell. Very sad. I hope they work things out though.
My mother in law had a nervous breakdown this year and ended up hospitalised for a long time for anxiety which was very testing on the family and their business. My mother always told me it doesnt matter how many children they have, its always the daughter in law who ends up looking after the mother in law and thats definetely what happened in my situation aswell! I spend my holidays working in their shop because they couldnt afford to hire anyone to keep the business going and was the shoulder to cry on. I dont mind being there for people but it does annoy me that her 7 children, including her son (my husband) werent there for her. She has since left hospital and is back at work & seems abit happier but with the festive season upon us and the family torn to shreds still (thats a whole other story!) she has potential to get worse again.
Onto the good stuff. Firstly, my career. I work as a registered nurse and for the last 2 years I have worked in a level 2 intensive care unit which means the patients are sick, but not that sick. Intensive care units are given a 'level' depending on how sick the patients are and the amount of expertise the hospital has to deal with those patients. A level 1 hospital can only take ventilated (so people on breathing machines) patients for 4 hours before sending them to a bigger hospital. A level 2, which is were I used to work can take ventilated patients, and usually recieves the patients the level 1 facilities transfer, but only if they are stable and dont have any serious cardiac or brain issues. So this includes people with serious chest infections, kidney failure, sepsis & shock. A level 3 hospital is the top guns....they specialise in intensive care patients and can provide much more advanced technologies and complex life saving interventions and they do alot of research. The hospital I now work at is a level 3 intensive care which specialises in cardiac (heart) surgery and conditions and is the biggest cardiac hospital in the state. Now, when I worked in my old job I did a study program called transition which is a 12 month program that all new staff to intensive care must do to develop the advanced skills & knowledge needed to work in intensive care. This program gives me 2 subjects credit to a post graduate university qualification which I will be doing next year. Initially I was going to do this qualification while working at my old job and I never had any intentions of moving to a bigger hospital. The thought of doing university again while working full time in a new & very big hospital was daunting. But the idea kept growing in my head and I finally bit the bullet and asked for a job which I was given. Six months ago I wouldve laughed at you if you suggested I would be working in a major level 3 intensive care unit while doing university, but here we are! Its a huge step for me and I look forward to advancing my career to places I never intended to go before!
This year I learnt how to sew and how to knit. Now I know the majority of my blog world friends are very experienced with this but id never done it before and im very proud of myself for buying a sewing machine and teaching myself how to use it. I havent sewn much, I made a skirt ans some new kitchen curtains but its a start anyway. Ive been far too busy to make anything lately but its nice to know if I need to sew something or repair something I have the machine and I know how to use it! Ive got lots of beautiful fabrics still and am still deciding what to make with them but right now im thinking some nice new homewares....some pillowcases and id love to make a quilt. I have a beautiful watercolour multicolour flower fabric which is just stunning and I want to make a dress or skirt out of but im waiting til I find an amazing pattern because I dont want to waste it. So stay tuned!
Not much else has happened in my life this year, its been a pretty average year for me despite the drama's going on around me. Ill do a post about new year dreams abit later. Its off to make a coffee and take in the newspaper!
Whats been significant in your lives this year?