“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.

Busy Bee

Hey Peeps
Well I havent been very crafty lately. Been busy injuring myself (fell down the stairs) and attending the dentist (root canal!) However my mum did show me how to sew properly and how to knit so when my arm is healed (very badly bruised from landing on it during fall) I will try & knit something! Apart from that, ive also been working in my mother-in-laws coffee shop as she has no staff and as fun as that may sound it has been torture! I dont work in retail normally (im a registered nurse) so dealing with customers is mighty scary! Give me a patient having a cardiac arrest anyday-that I can deal with! People just act like its the end of the world if they dont get their coffee 30secs after ordering it! And I wasnt even making coffee- I was just serving at the register & clearing tables. Talk about stressful! Makes me realise how much I love working with patients on life support who cant talk!
Last week was very sad also. My husband rescued a cute little kitty a few weeks ago who was being tortured by kids down at the beach. He bought it home and we spent a few weeks trying to find its owner but we never did so we assume she was a stray. We couldnt keep her because we already have 2 cats which is the maximum allowed in my city so I had to take her down to the pound. I hope they can find her a new home.
Anyways, im off to lounge around & watch movies because thats what you do when you are on holidays and injured!

forty per week

Just wanted to let everyone know I have started a new blog which is all about learning to save money and become abit more thrifty with my finances! The key concept is I have set myself a challenge of living on $40 per week in an effort to save money!

I cant wait for....

......Legends of the Guardians


Here's some things ive been doing today...

I hand-stitched some cute flowers & beads onto a plain white singlet

so pretty

Pretty fabrics I intend to use on some black & grey

Re-usable bag i got from Cotton On today, its such a pretty bird design but im thinking of adding some colour....

a little bout moi...

So I thought I might do a lil Q&A I saw on another blog to let everyone know just a little bit more about me.....I always find everyone else's lives to be so interesting compared to my own and I wonder if my life will ever be interesting to someone else.....
1.name: The Snoozing Kitten. AKA Jess.
2.age: 24.
3.married?: Yes, since 2008.
4.occupation: registered nurse-intensive care.
5.education: currently completing masters degree in ICU nursing.
6.starsign: cancer.
7.eyes: blue.
8.hair: short & black (hmm need to update profile pic from long & blonde!).
9.fave movie: fight club.
10.fave band: HIM .
11.fave tv: family guy.
12.fave singer: Lisa Mitchell.
13.fave colour: pink.
14.fave food: tie between mushrooms & potatoes (im a vegan).
15.fave drink: soy chai latte.
16.pets: 3 cats (Halo, Yoda & new addition Stix) 1 dog (german shepherd-Lucy).
17.kids?: not for a few more years.
18.living situation: renting.
19.pet hates: smoking, kids with no shoes on, bad drivers.
20.fave holiday: new zealand-skiing!

A few new things

So its been a horrible start to my holidays. I chipped a tooth a few weeks ago but I thought it was okay and avoided the dentist (I seriously have panic attacks thinking about it!) but then a few days ago I got a horrible pain in that tooth and half the thing fell out! I went to the dentist and I have an abscess and have to have a root canal :( Gonna cost me about $500 aswell. Then I did my tax return and I have to PAY $1500!!!! Not cool! So thats how my holidays have gone so far. But before all that nastiness I did go shopping and here are some of my purchases!

My first ever sewing machine! It was reduced from $600 down to $300! Yay!

A cute magazine I found, full of scrapbooking & papercraft ideas & samples.

A cute little book with lots of simple sewing projects to get me started. Id love to make the little square bear in the bottom right hand corner for my friend who is about to have her first baby.

A beginners guide to sewing which is perfect for a total beginner like me!

A gorgous knitting book, again for beginners like me!

Does anyone out there who is crafty remember the first book they used for craft stuff?

there & back again

Been abit busy lately my faithful readers (if there are any!). For you see I am voluntarily putting myself through more study because I obviously enjoy pain and having no free time or doing anything fun and just sticking my head between textbooks! But alas! I am study-free from now til February next year and I am on holidays for 6 weeks from July 11th so that leaves lots of times for blogging adventures! I have decided that during my holidays I will teach myself to knit & sew as they are both fairly inexpensive hobbies I can pursue as I am quite broke! (Oh and the other reason I love studying- paying tuition fees! Brilliant!) So here's to hoping the next 2ish weeks go fast and I can be on my way to creating loverly knitted creations to share. Id like to have something baby related made by August as my BFF is due with her 1st bub then. Does anybody else here have a new & exciting hobbie to share?