“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.


March is well & truly upon us! This year is going way too fast to keep up with!
Well the month started out great, thats for sure. My husband & I had a big run of 5 days off together! We went for a drive into the city at midnight the other night & fed the possums in the botanic gardens. So cute. The next day we went to Australia Zoo which was ok. Its been a few years since I last went and its gotten pretty slow since then, there was hardly anyone there and it was so hot so all the animals just wanted to sleep! But we did get to check out the animal hospital which was good to see and make a donation. Then we made a last minute booking at 'secrets on the lake' at montville (i have done a previous post on this place- its amazing!) and got a $420 treehouse for $300! plus we got a bbq dinner (i had vegies) and lots of chocolate & wine! It was much warmer this time round but we still made good use of the spa overlooking Lake Baroon. I had such an amazing nights sleep!
Unfortunetely its back to the real world of work & study! Week 1 of uni started so its going to be a fairly busy few months with assignments & exams. The material is all pretty basic, its more the assignments im worried about- ive never written an essay this big before! First time for everything I guess.
We have been having some nicer weather lately, its been blue skies and although its been very hot its been nice to see some sun. But alas the rains on here again! I thought this was meant to be sunny QLD!!! ive lived here all my life & never seen so much rain like I have in the last few months. Its better then the drought we had a few years ago though I guess.
So I realise I need a good camera-i never have good photos to post and need a decent camera! maybe having some more photos on my blog will attract more readers :P Will have to wait a little while though. After ive paid off my uni fees for this semester im planning on going blonde again! I was blonde for about 4 years then went brunette about a year ago & im over it already, blondes really do have more fun! Im interested in one of those e-readers aswell but the thought of not having a paper book seems too technological for me- I love bookcases full of books and always dreamed of a house full of books and that my children would read from my collection aswell. We will see. Id like to spend about $400 on new clothes for winter aswell as its fast approaching.
As for the rest of my March plans, im on 10 days holidays from next Monday. I will be spending the majority of that time doing my assignments but I will be attending the green earth festival next week in the Brisbane botanic gardens- yay a festival for vege hippies like me! Ill try get some photos this time!
What does March hold for you?