“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith.

New Credit Card!!!

So someone got a brand spankin shiny new credit card today yay!!! I know its bad, but hear me out- its a low interest one and im using it to consolidate my other 2 credit cards, so overall its a good thing! But im desperate for fabric and I dont get paid til next wednesday and I couldnt wait to order these cute fabrics from www.funkyfabrix.com.au

Fabric bundle: 12 half metre organic cotton fabric.

Fabric bundle: 5 half metre cotton printed fabric.

Im thinking of starting out with some cute cushions for the guest room which we are doing up, maybe some softies for my friend who just had a baby, and I would like to attempt a tote.

Last weekend my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my husband & I had a garage sale. OMG people go nuts at garage sales!!! There were actually people fighting over stuff it was insane! My husband & I didnt have too much stuff to contribute but we did manage to sell an ugly blue futon we have had for years for $40, my husbands fog machine which I made him get rid of, and I sold a few old handbags & clothes. When I was going through all my old clothes I found a gorgous silk printed dress which is way too small for me and I was about to sell it but realised I could alter it to a cute skirt instead. Its amazing how now I try to look at things differently like old clothes and think of a way to alter them now I am able to with my sewing machine. Im looking forward to being totally self sufficient when it comes to making ALL my own clothes and homewares & eventually my future childrens clothes.

My knitting project is slowly coming along. At the moment its just a square ( about 10cm x 10cm) but for my first scarf its getting there! Im hoping to be finished in time for next winter (which is June 2011 in Australia).

Im back at work this week, starting with 4 night shifts from Friday. My 6 weeks holidays went way too fast! Im pleased I got my root canal over & done with before going back to work though. It actually wasnt as bad as i thought it would be and despite the cost ($800 and thats with private health insurance!) im glad I went with it instead of the extraction. I didnt want to start having my teeth removed at the young age of 24! Otherwise I had an alright holidays. My house is spotless, I slept in til about 10am most days and spent a few hours down at the beach everyday with my dog. I also caught up on my reading...ahem..magazines. I subscribe to the following: Frankie, Yen, Spook & Peppermint. I had about 6 months worth of issues I hadnt read yet due to study commitments so it was loverly to catch up on my favourite craft & fashion mags. I also read a few books: The Bride Stripped Bare by anonymous & im still getting through The Lord of The Rings (yes the whole 1000+ pages of very small text) by J.R.R Tolkien. I got to catch up with some very dear friends who I havent seen in ages which was great, we all met during our first year as nurses and although we have all taken different paths in our careers & lives we try to keep in touch as much as possible.

Ive learnt a few things over the last few weeks which id like to share.

1. Family comes first. My mother-in-law had abit of a nervous breakdown a few weeks ago and despite having 7 children only 3 of her children were there to help, along with myself & another daughter-in-law. She owns her own coffee shop and works 70 hours a week so when she was admitted to hospital she needed help to keep her business going until it could be sold (the business is the main source of her stress). I thought it was very poor that only 3 of her children offered to help in any way. She was very grateful to those of us who helped her during that difficult time. And after all, isnt that what family is for? To support each other in times of need?

2. Karma is a bitch. Well, im hoping so anyway. I believe that if you put out positive vibes, surround yourself by positive people and do kind things everyday you will be rewarded by karma. I also believe if you do the opposite, you will get a tonne of shit thrown into your universe. And im hoping this happens to a certain bitch who has ruined a loved one's life and is a manipulative disgusting excuse for a human being. I have never seen anyone be so evil and im waiting for karma to come back and bite that bitch.

3. Dog is man's best friend. My dog, Lucy is my bestest friend ever. She is a german shepherd & is 20 months old. She is also a total nutcase and all she wants to do is play and be with me & my husband. The joy I feel when im playing fetch with her or walking along the beach with her or sitting on the sand with her while watching the waves is incredible. She is so loving & loyal and to her my husband & I are her everything. Other dog owners will know exactly what im talking about, and if you dont have a dog I highly recommend getting one if you are able to. The loyalty & love they give is unconditional.

Well ive just had a sudden crash in energy levels and cant be bothered thinking or typing anymore so I will leave it at and add to this list as needed. Goodnight!


  1. bahahahaha I lOVE it!!! Heck that's what I'd do with a new credit card too ;)

    All that fabric is sooo pretty!

  2. that fabric pile looks divine! love your posts x

  3. thanks Lauren! Your blog is amazing! Nice to see another Brisbane girl in blog land!