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more fabric!

Well im pretty sure im set for fabric for the next few years! Got my second order of fabric from www.duckcloth.com.au and now I can start planning some projects!

A green, white & blue spotted skirt with a blue peek-a-boo petticoat

White, pink & olive skirt with olive peek-a-boo petticoat

Yellow, red & white skirt with red peek-a-boo petticoat

Gorgous white, pink, red & yellow print skirt with charcoal peek-a-boo petticoat

Solid white & solid charcoal for curtains in my kitchen and the print for tie-ups

I have no idea what to do with this gorgous print. I have enough fabric for either 1 dress or 2 seperate items. I think a whole dress may be too much of a good thing. I dont want to start cutting into it until I know exactly what I want to do because its too gorgous to use incorrectly. Suggestions? I have 110cms x 150cms of it.

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